Coffee and hot chocolate

We use full cream milk as standard, please ask if you prefer skimmed, semi skimmed or soya. *Decaf available.

Cappucicino£2.40 / £ 2.65

regular or large

Baby chino£1.00

served in an espresso cup with hot milk and topped with foam

Caffe Latte£2.50

Chai Latte£2.50

Espresso£2.00 / £ 2.30

Espresso Macchiato£2.15 / £ 2.35

single or double shot, topped with foam

Caramel Latte Macchiato£3.05

shot of vanilla, with hot frothy milk and layered with espresso and topped with caramel

Flat White£2.65

short double espresso topped with milk giving velvety texture

Caffe Mocha£3.25

shot of espresso poured through hot chocolate

Cafetiere - for 1 or 2£2.70/£5.00

Caramel Macchiato£3.05

shot of vanilla with hot frothy milk and layered with espresso topped with caramel

Caffe Mocha£3.15

shot of espresso mixed with chocolate, topped with hot milk and foam

Cafetiere£2.70 / £5.00

for one or two, served black or with milk or cream

Add whipped cream30p

Milk or white hot Chocolate£2.55

made with real chocolate and hot steamed milk

Orange hot Chocolate£2.55

Luxury Hot Chocolate£2.95

(milk or white or orange) with marshmallows and topped with whipped cream & a flake


roasted hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, irish cream, gingerbread, banana, triple sec, honeycomb


We have a fabulous range of premium loose leaf and speciality teas.

Pot of tea for one£2.10

(decaf available)

Pot of tea for two£3.75

(decaf available)

Premium loose leaf tea£2.35

passion fruit and orange, kiwi and strawberry, apple and lemon, mango, earl grey

Speciality tea£2.25

english breakfast, chai spice, blackcurrant herbal tea, peppermint herbal tea, licorice spice, earl grey, pure green tea, camomile

Taylors of Harrogate Tea£2.25

peppermint, blackberry & raspberry |(caffeine free), rose lemonade, afternoon darjeeling

Chilled Beverages

Still spring water£1.75

Sparkling spring water£1.95

Coca Cola£1.80

Diet Coca Cola£1.80


Belvoir's fruit presse'£2.00

elderflower, organic lemonade, mango & peach


mandarin & seville orange jigger, ginger beer, rose lemonade, cherry cola

Frobishers - pressed juices£1.95

apple, orange, cranberry

Iced Coffee£2.60

double shot of espresso poured over ice and topped with cold milk


shot of espresso poured over ice cream

Small Juice Carton£1.00

apple, orange

Glass of cold milk£0.80 / £1.20


Made with ice and topped with cream£2.95

Made with ice cream and topped with cream£3.50

prepared using a coffee or vanilla base combining milk, ice cream and various flavours; espresso, chocolate, chocolate orange, caramel, vanilla, strawberry, gingerbread, hazelnut

Luxury Frappe

Made with ice and topped with cream£3.50

Made with ice cream and topped with cream£3.95

nutella, lotus biscoff, maltesers, oreo, twix, crunchy

Freaky Frappe - £1.99 extra

Pure indulgence, why not upgrade to our freaky frappes that are a cake and a drink in one from either a chocolate or blueberry muffin served on top of your favourite frappe - just £1.99 extra

Made how you like, then choose your topping

giant marshmallows & strawberries, reese's peanut butter cups, mini marshmallows & oreo biscuits